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This approach offers our children a very unique opportunuty:


Just as M. Montessori theorized, the child's absorbent mind soaks up everything around him with extreme rapidity and semplicity. Knoledge of a second language from the first years of a child's life stimulates creativity in his mind.

Children are sensitive to linguistic learning from infancy they  are capable of distinguishing sounds that adults cannot, and are not afraid to make mistakes. Also, they are able to learn languages by simply listen and interacting with their peers.


The Montessori material and environment, all sealed to the size of the children, become “ the facto” teachers. They invite and call the children to action, moviment and repetition. This process nurturess indipendence and personal expression inside a controlled environment. A warm and healthy atmosphere results wich leads to producing order, acceptance and joy in the children. Acceptance of this environment as well as one’s peers on the part of the children, promotes respect and peace. “The envi- ronment is a reflection of the soul”.
The various activities available to the children are done individually or in small groups. They follow a logical seguence wich go hand in hand with interests and capabilities of the child. They promote po- sitive emotions in the child such as: plea- sure, satisfaction and self -assurance. This activities are linked to everyday tasks fre- quently performed in the home. The child grows thanks to sensorial explore- tion and contemplation through practical life, personal hygiene and other prepared activities.

Motor skills are mastered through simple tasks such as: dressing / undressing / opening / closing / turning / loosening / screw following lines / cutting and pasting. Fastening the five senses through these types of activities helps greatly in future language development because it is at this stage when the child is particurarly in a responsive sensorial sense. Because of this sensibility, it is at this age that a bilingual approach is often affective. Using a full immersion method, studies have confirmed that using this method in con- juction with Montessori activities produces favorable formative, cognitive and cultural results.

The enviroment is divided into various zones/corners wich help the children to think and imagine, each one with his individual temp and rhythm.

The Montessori prepared enviroment distinguishes itself for the presence of the necessary instruments wich facilitate this cognitive, mental as well as psycho motor interior formation

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